Working on a hobo dress up

2011-03-04 08:20:05 by AnnikaFlash

As always I think my ideas are just greatest and this one too so I had to start developing it! Actually I would have tons of real payed graphic design work to do but its just so damn hard to stay focused on important things when you work alone at home.

Disguise-o-matic ready

2011-02-28 02:26:29 by AnnikaFlash

Ah so I made a new game !


Disguise-o-matic ready

dress up games rant

2011-02-25 01:09:57 by AnnikaFlash

They are boring. But most of all I wouldn´t have played them even when I was at the right age to be their target group.
Plus none off them have actually good graphics or typography. I mean script with outlines pretty normal thing at these.

I will make one with good graphics and idea soonish.. Just because I can do it better.

Major typo mistake fixed

2011-02-24 07:37:10 by AnnikaFlash

Fells so dum but got medal working at bug pool Yay. Stupid typo :). Now if I only got the score board to work.

The fun world of sound effects gives me headache. But my bug pool game will have some sound effects soonish. Bling Bling Bling